October 2016 - Neil Clemons & Joanne Wissink


The Guest Artist Show at the Pottery Place Plus Artisan’s cooperative for the month of October are:

Neil Clemons

Neil Clemons pairs his photographic artistry with verse to create “those moments” in print.

Joanne Wissink

Joanne Wissink bends leather as if clay to form beautiful images on leather for adornments for any season.

Come and meet the artists at our

First Friday Reception

October 7, 2016 from 5-9 PM

At 203 N. Washington, Adjacent to Aunties Bookstore in the Liberty Building

Neil Clemons 

neil-clemonsThink of me as a hyphenated artist--a Writer-Photographer. This isn't a "job" or a "career." Playful art is my passion. Photography in my 70s is fun--whimsical, expressive, explorative. I play when I use my camera and again when I edit images on the computer. As I marry visual images with poems, quotes, and pithy ideas, again I am playing: seeking to amplify and deepen the art of word-image compositions. With photography I celebrate life; each image is meant as an invitation to participate in this spirit-lifting enterprise.

Joanne Wissink

I have always been a "maker."

joanne-wissinkCrafting as a child, then sewing, embroidery, crocheting, knitting, and painting as an adult. But my leather adventure began when I met a rancher/ cowboy from Montana. He taught me how to tie rope halters, and as I worked, he made leather and rope items for horsemen. Leftover leather scraps, and a desire to try something new, led to a world of hides, dyes tools hardware and experimentation. He doesn't have enough scraps for me any longer..... I love the smell and the feel of leather, and unrolling a new hide for the first time, revealing it's smooth surface, and ragged edges. I love the way it takes dyes differently with each new hide. It lends itself to individuality, and this quality remains essential to my mission. Each bracelet is cut and beveled, burnished, cased and stamped (or tooled), dyed and waxed, completely by hand. Whether it is tooledjoanne-wissink-leather or stamped, a cuff or a beveled and burnished double or triple wrap, each step is taken with the goal of bringing out the best in that morsel of le Each cuff makes a statement, and the wraps are versatile, flexible and fun! The way leather softens and warms when worn, or stays curved when you take it off, and the way each person gives it a patina that is unique to the wearer.