Future Guest Artists

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November 2019 Guest Artists: Spokane Jeweler’s Guild


Sandra Phoenix


Kris Howell


Joan Ashworth

My name is Joan Ashworth. I am a Spokane life time resident. I’ve always had a fascination for glass and the beauty of nature, so why not combine them in a one of a kind piece of wearable art. I never really know where the beads and stones will take me, but the end results always amaze me. And if someone likes my creation, that is the icing on the cake. Peace!

When I pick up a polished stone, I look for the beauty within the stone and add the beads that I believe bring out the hidden beauty. Some stones are believed to possess special properties and with that in mind, I like to convey that to the new owner by adding a note about the focal stone. Intrigue!

Each beaded creation is a one of a kind. My creations are stitched together using thread, foundation, a focal and beads of various sizes and shapes. The small beads are added one or two at a time to keep the creations neat and tight, then I finished off on the back as well. Each piece, when finish, is a complete surprise to me. Love!

I am a member of the Spokane Jeweler’s Guild, The Spokane Northwest Bead Society and the Spokane Rock Rollers.

I hope you like.


Janet Brougher


Sarah Peterson


Helga Hirsch

Designing and fabricating jewelry has been my hobby for 36 years. I have participated in many workshops where I worked with national and international master artists. I regularly attend the Tucson Gem Fair for trends in design and techniques.

Member of Spokane Jewelers Guild

Former member-Lapidary, Rock and Mineral Society of British Columbia