Contois Reynolds Art Glass Studio



Contois Reynolds Art Glass Studio

We create imaginative, magical artworks in fine stained glass, inspired by the beauty of the universe.

Steve and Ann are glass artisans with a life-long love for the magic and beauty of stained glass. They have been creating originally designed stained glass windows, mirrors, sun catchers and lightweight glass/gold jewelry for many years.

They are members of the amazing 1970's Fine Arts & Crafts Revival Movement - featured in the book "Hippie Homesteaders - Arts, Crafts, Music and Living on the Land in West Virginia." Their comfy "Studio East" glass studio in the rural mountains of West Virginia, heated with an Ashley wood stove, was quite isolated but provided a wonderful crucible for creating gracefully flowing, sparkling visions in stained glass. They led a gypsy life for over 30 years - traveling far and wide to exhibit their glass artworks at some the most prestigious juried art fairs in the country.

Today they have a quaint "Studio West" in Spokane, Washington, where they continue to create new designs for discerning collectors. They are influenced and inspired by the peace and beauty of the surrounding Northwest woods.

Contois Reynolds Art Glass Studio has established a stellar reputation for creating extraordinary artworks in glass - known for unique flowing designs, expert craftsmanship and use of the finest glasses and materials. Their stained glass artworks are in the West Virginia Permanent Art Collection, and in private collections across the USA, Canada, Netherlands and Japan.

Their glass brings much joy, transforming light into magic!

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