March 2016 - Jan Designs


The Guest Artist Show for the month of March will feature Jan Kruger and her new collection of works...

Letter Play


Artist Jan Kruger combines the art forms of Acrylic painting and the bold marks of Calligraphy to create one of a kind art pieces.

Jan is a regular Visiting Artist in our gallery. We are excited to be showing her special collection for the month of March at the Guest Artist Show. Come and meet her at our First Friday Reception on March 4, 2016 from 5-10 PM



Tumbling-lettersJan was first introduced to Calligraphy during high school and she has continued to study in many design and calligraphy courses since then including classes at The Spokane Art School,   The Oregon School of Arts and Crafts, and many Calligraphy conventions and workshops including a year long study in Seattle in 1995.

Calligraphic lettering has many other uses than the manuscript writing of the Middle Ages.  It has become an art form all its own.  Calligraphy today combines many other types of art such as handmade paper, paper marbling, collage, watercolor painting, gold leafing, and acrylic painting.  Many of these different art forms can be seen in Jan’s artwork as she combines her love of color and painting with letters to design one-of-a-kind art pieces.

Jan has exhibited at The Spokane Art School, The Corbin Art School, Show of Hands Gallery, Northwest Artist’s, and various banks, libraries and wineries.

She has been a member or guest artist at Pottery Place Plus for many years.

Jan is the owner of    Jan designs, a graphic design firm started in 1979 located in North Spokane.  There she produces one -of-a-kind calligraphic artwork as well as a line of verses and sayings, dream books, canvasses and greeting cards.

She is also the author of a published book.

To see more of Jan's collections visit her website.