July 2015 - Anthony Gallaher

"I Dream in Color"

I Dream in ColorAnthony Gallaher, a long time member of the cooperative, is known for his beautiful sculptural jewelry, "Fired Elements". He has been exploring mixed media two dimensional painting in his new body of work "Fresco Elements". The Pottery Place Plus is honored to present his new works. Please come and meet Anthony at his reception, Friday July 3rd from 5:00-9:00pm.

Anthony GallaherAnthony says about his work: "My inspiration comes from history, nature and a real desire to appeal to the viewer by sharing my heart and soul with a surge of colors, movement and textures. I believe that art lives in the heart and soul of an artist, and there are as yet undiscovered avenues by which to express the labyrinth of creativity hidden within. I am color-blind and can only imagine the hues of green and red, peach, yellow and gray. I hope that what I can see with my heart will be pleasing to those who can enjoy the colors and personality of my work."