August 2019 Terri Grove Griffin

Terri Grove Griffin earned a degree in fine art from the University of South Alabama in painting and printmaking. As a military spouse, she lived small towns and big cities across the United States and now resides in Spokane. Moving frequently inspires themes of transition in her work. But, the goodness of people and the beauty of nature in all of the places she calls home inspires themes of love, humor and joy. Terri’s work is eclectic and she chooses the medium and style best suited to capture her vision.

You can find Terri on Instagram @terrigriffinart

or visit her website:

Terr iGriffin pastel 3 - DryAtLast.jpg
Terri Griffin pastel 2 - HedgehogD.jpg
Terri Griffin glass art 2 - ducksInARow.jpg
Terri Griffin glass art 3 - redbird.JPG