May 2019 - Katie Frey

Katie Frey


Katie Frey has painted and studied art all over the world, including Australia and South America. She graduated from Walla Walla College in 2007 and has been teaching and creating art in Spokane ever since. Her areas of focus are acrylic painting and mixed media texture art. These paintings range from realistic to abstract, and most paintings include some form of collage, found objects, or texture medium to emphasize depth and create layers of interest. For her, inspiration and texture are synonymous. Inspiration might be on the inside of a coffee sleeve, in the layers of peeling graffiti beneath a Spokane bridge, or found in the erosion lines of a rock.


It’s all about Texture

Katie Frey creates mixed media paintings that stretch from realistic to abstract.

Her abstract work is usually done in acrylic and often with mixed media materials such as found paper, metal foils, and texture mediums. These paintings often take on a geologic or strata inspired appearance.

Katie also loves painting trees and landscapes. Many of her landscapes are done with a palette knife to create bold strokes in an impressionistic style, while others include textures such as sand, sea glass, broken shells, and found objects.

Her third love is whimsical paintings of animals. Whether they live in the forest or in your living room, her cats, bears, and bunnies have a charming storybook quality.

Katie Frey also teaches classes and workshops all over Spokane. You can find her classes through Act2 and the Corbin Art Center, as well as on her blog: