May 2018 - Connie Sustman and Shirley Johnson

Shirley Johnson

For over 35 years Shirley has created high fired hand thrown porcelain pottery with glazes made from ash that fell on Spokane when Mount Saint Helens blew on May 18th, 1980. "The ash that fell in Spokane", she says, "was perfect ~ in CDA it was too fine and in the Tri-Cities it was too coarse". Shirley's pottery has proven to be a popular gift item for visitors wanting Spokane souvenirs and for residents wanting to send a piece of home to friends and family.
Shirley Profile
Shirley Bowl
Shirley hot out of kiln
Shirley Vase

Connie Sustman

I taught myself to draw as a teenager. I abandoned art to raise my family returning to it in my early 50's. Now I'm an old lady who loves art and loves exploring different mediums.