July 2018 - Amy Charbonneau

Amy Charbonneau

This show is a sample of my love for flowers and terrible knack for actually growing them! The vibrant colors of nature inspire me in many ways and stir emotions and memories of days gone by along with hope for the future. Here you will see a few of my acrylic paintings featuring florals as well as a selection of my metal flowers created from reclaimed metal and found objects.

“Treasure Hunting” will never grow old and I enjoy the creative liberty and satisfaction of using something others would throw away to create something that will bring a smile for years to come.

May your interiors and exteriors put a smile on your face and delight in your heart.


Wonder, nature, color, shapes and textures have captivated my mind for as long as I can remember. Making something that brings a smile to a person’s face or warms their heart is why I do what I do. Through life we grow and change, but along the way we have opportunities to impact people and make their day better.

As an artist, I love painting and creating flowers for the beauty they add to life. Self-taught, my experience with art has been inspired by seeing what others do, by observing nature, and by blasting music and singing my heart out. My preferred medium, for painting, has been acrylic paints and textures. Watercolors have been something I dabble with, however, my hand returns, time and time again to the fun and simplicity of acrylics. Texture pastes offer a fun way to add interest. Those subtle layers that draw you in, yet are hard to express…kind of like people! The hidden beauty in others captivates me and I attempt to incorporate that into my paintings.

I look forward to sharing a bit of me with you, and hope to have the opportunity to bring warmth to your heart.

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