March 2018 - Tom Miller

“Purveyor of Piscatorial Pursuits”

While growing up in Spokane, I was fortunate enough to be subjected to all the beauty of our lakes and streams and the beautiful fish they provided. After my education experiences I moved to Alaska and spent a number of years pursuing a passion that was becoming addictive. “Fishing”

After my forever memorable Alaska experience I ended up back in the Northwest again. This time in the Gig Harbor, WA area where I experienced many different fishing opportunities in the 18 years I lived there raising 7 children with my wife Annie.

In 1997 I had that urge to move back to my roots. We built a retirement log home on the Priest River.

After retiring almost 20 years ago now (yes, I retired early) I took up a hobby that would enhance my passion for flyfishing. This hobby included paper and watercolors. I could now catch a fish and then capture its beauty and its surroundings using a medium that is very familiar and essential to the subjects that I paint – water.

The ammunition I use to catch the trout can be found in many of my framed paintings. I tie all my own flies and enjoy that aspect of my hobby as much as the painting. Every once in a while I find myself painting that setting that I enjoyed as well.

Hopefully you will see one of your outdoor experiences in one of my paintings.

Tom Miller
Tom Miller-3