May 2016 - Kathy Lieggi


Kathy Lieggi is our Guest Artistis for the month of April. Stop by for the reception and meet Kathy and see her work:


April 1st, From 5-9 PM


KathyLieggi2Kathy Lieggi has been repurposing vintage silverplate and glassware since 2003. When Kathy was a young child, her grandmother encouraged her creative spirit and ignited her interest in arts and crafts. Grandma Margaret was a competent artist with an eye for reusing everyday household items, turning them into beautiful and often functional pieces of art. Kathy has followed her lead and now repurposes found items giving them new life. Her beautiful wind chimes are made from vintage silverplate. The utensils are carefully chosen to enhance the featured piece from which they hang. She uses nylon coated steel wire in her work giving them durability to last many years in the outdoors. Each wind chime is a unique creation, with its own sound and personality. Kathy’s wind chimes will surely add character and charm to your home or garden. Likewise, her wire wrapped glass luminaries and vases are created without the aid of jigs or dies. Kathy bends each piece of wire by hand, employing a small pair of needle-nosed pliers as her only aid. She carefully chooses each set of beads to embellish and enhance the glassware. These pieces are designed to bring color, elegance, and whimsy to your homes’ interior. In honor of Kathy’s grandmother mentioned above, she has named her business Maggie May Collection.KathyLieggi3