April 2017- Toni Spencer


“It’s All About Color”

Batiks 2017

Awesome Crow Batik

Toni Spencer has been showing her batiks as Guest Artist at PPP for many years.  A resident of the Northwest since1979 and of Idaho since 2001, she has taken part in art shows from Alaska to California for more than 30 years.   All her batiks start with original drawings often inspired by the shapes and colors of nature.  They may start there but sometimes they take on a life of their own and turn out very different than originally planned.  The batiks are created with either silk Broadcloth or a silk Jacquard.  A wax mixture is used as a resist and vats of dye are used to apply the color,  working from the lightest color to the darkest. The distinctive crackle found in batiks is created when the wax cracks and allows the dye to penetrate to the fabric. Some of the crackle happens on it’s own and some are manipulated to add to the design.

Come and meet Toni and some of our member artists at our First Friday reception on Friday, April 7th, 2017.  5-9 p.m.   Fabulous chocolate chip cookies and other goodies will be provided.