September 2018 - Sam Bates

Sam Bates

I enjoy the challenge of creating completely original designs within the rigorous discipline of stone and glass carving. The natural beauty of NE Washington has been a life-long inspiration, since I was lucky enough to grow up here.
Capturing a fleeting moment of natural beauty in this enduring medium can change our perception of time.
Exploring the parallels between natural form and abstract design is a vital part part of my artwork.

I grew up in my parents family art business, spending time in my Dad�s studio (and at our friends studios) saturated me in the �creative process� starting with my earliest memories, which led to my own almost incidental first professional art commissions when I was 18. I have been making art, from small palm-sized carvings to multi-ton monuments ever since, 17 years now!
Since last year I have been enjoying reconnecting with the Spokane area through small intimate shows.

I use hand-held diamond and garnet edged abrasive lapidary tools to create intaglio and bas-relief carvings in crystal-grade glass and unusually fine-grained stone which I prospect and hand-select all over North America.

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Whale Tale