October 2018 - Toni Spencer

Toni Spencer

Batik is a distintive form of art unlike any other. The process begins with a design sketched on fabric - Toni uses silk. She must visualize the finished pieces from a negative image, because light and dark areas are reversed. Melted wax is applied to the fabric, then the fabric is dipped in dye, allowing the waxed areas to "resist" the dyes. The fabric is then allowed to dry before repeating the process again for each color in the design.

The crackle that appears in most batiks is caused when the wax cracks and allows the dye to penetrate to the fabric. After the final color is applied the wax is removed by ironing and dry cleaning.


β€œArt has always been a big part of my life and I have tried my hand at many art forms including watercolor, applique, silk screening and oil painting. In 1981 while living in Kodiak, Alaska I took a Batik class at the Community College and became a bit obsessed with the mysteries of Batik. I moved to the Northwest from Kodiak in 1988 and settled in Northern Idaho in 2001. My inspiration comes from everyday subjects that capture my eye and heart including musical instruments, children, trees, and local scenery.”

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