#1. We find most people are running and hiding from problems, an artist purposely seeks problems because you love nothing more than solving a new challenge and winning.

#2. Artists seem to live in the present and are in constant state of awe concerning the world around them.

#3. A stagnant mind without curiosity doesn’t have the capacity to create from a concept.

#4. Creative types don’t always get along well with structured managing, they would rather march to the beat of their own drum.

#5. Money pays the bills but it doesn’t provide true happiness, there are much easier ways to make a living after all. Art isn’t about money, it’s about passion and creation from your very own imagination.

#6. Creativity doesn’t seem to occur on its own. It may come from viewing a new sculpture or even listening to live music at a Broadway show. The seeds of creation are sewn from wherever you can find it, or where it finds you! The shape of a tree or even the beauty contained in a flowers pedals leads to inspiration that fuels creativity.

#7. Your brain is your single greatest asset.

#8. An ability to adapt to changing conditions is necessary for survival in the art world.

#9. Artistic ability is forming a raw material into an object that’s unique, one of a kind and beautiful in your eyes.

#10. Sternberg and O’Hara[74] proposed a framework of 5 possible relationships between creativity and intelligence: (From a study published in Wikipedia)

A. Creativity is a subset of intelligence

B. Intelligence is a subset of creativity

C. Creativity and intelligence are overlapping constructs

D. Creativity and intelligence are part of the same construct (coincident sets)

E. Creativity and intelligence are distinct constructs (disjoint sets)