Larry Bergman, Pen & Ink Artist

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Larry Bergman, Pen & Ink Artist

Over a period of fifty plus years, I have dabbled in art using pencil, pastels and ink. I was unable to seriously develop what has clearly become a passion until after my retirement in 2012. Since then I’ve dedicated my time to pen and ink drawing. It has been and continues to be fun and exciting to see how my art develops. It’s my hope that others will get lost in the detail, enjoy some memory that’s sparked or share an interest as I do in one of my subjects.

My drawings are all done by hand, one pen stroke or dot at a time. Within the borders of each of my drawings I will cover almost every square inch with a combination of black and white geometric shapes and designs, which may or may not relate to the central theme of the drawing. Those designs serve to add dimension and depth to the drawing and to draw viewer’s attention to the main subject. In some cases they are put there simply because I like the design.

Strategically placed within each drawing is a predominant line that zigzags from its origin, usually at an outside boarder, and ending with my signature logo. You will also find one or more stars in each drawing as a reminder of this great country we live in. I do not take my freedom for granted but give honor to those who fought so hard for that freedom. Also displayed is a checkerboard pattern which represents the good and evil we are faced with in this life on a daily basis. It’s a reminder that God has a plan for me and for others who believe in Him to someday rescue us from this world of destruction to be with Him, forever. Themes chosen for each of my drawings are random, depending on what inspired me that day or moment and will usually, but not always, have a historical bent.

I have won several awards for my work and was honored to have been featured in Art Chowder Magazine in their Sept/Oct 2018 Issue.

On a personal note, my background includes serving in the U.S. Navy, being a disc jockey, owning my own radio production company and insurance sales and training of new agents, all of which, in some form, utilized my creativity. I have thoroughly enjoyed bicycle touring and backpacking with my wife Barb and friends. And, though I no longer backpack, I love hiking in the great outdoors as well as creating scrapbooks.

The materials I use for my original drawings are Archival Sunset Matte paper and Micron Pens. Prints are professionally produced on Air dried 285 GM2 paper with Archival Aqueous UV safe ink.

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