Cooking and Serving in Stoneware

covered baker Stoneware is excellent for all oven baking because it conducts heat evenly and uniformly. Your new stoneware pot will last al long time if you remember a few pointers:

  • Stoneware does not like sudden and extreme temperature changes (fridge to hot oven, etc...)
  • If the pot is to be put into a hot oven, preheat it with hot water or put it into cold oven and allow to hear up with the oven
  • Never use stoneware on direct heat or under a broiler

Stoneware is also excellent for serving hot or cold beverages, hot casseroles or soups. Remember to:

  • Preheat any pot to which your are adding boiling liquid
  • Have pot at room temperature if using a microwave (don't take from fridge to microwave or oven)
  • Always use potholders when removing pot from the oven or microwave

Stoneware is dishwasher safe and all glazes are food safe.