colorful-fabricsThank your for purchasing one of my superb hand felted creations. Whether it is a hat, scarf, bag, baby booties or clothing article this is the way you can take the best care if your item. Hand wash in lukewarm water and mild soap. Rinse, gently squeeze excess water in between a towel and lay on a flat surface to dry.

Some items may be ironed on a wool setting with lots of steam, while it is still damp to retain it flatness and shape. Keep in mind that wool is a natural fabric that will "pill" (balls of wool that come to the surface), like a wool sweater. All you have to do is pick off the pills and it will refresh the look and feel of your item.

Wall hangings should be kept out of direct sunlight to minimize fading and destruction of the natural fibers. Wool has natural oils referred to as "lanolin." Lanolin helps repel moisture naturally and acts as a "scotch guard."

You can often take a damp cloth and spot wash if necessary. Well has hard, microscopic external scales that give is natural stain resistance and its low static fibers attract less dust than other fibers. When dust does build up, gently vacuum with a soft brush or hang the wall hanging up outdoors and gently beat the backside to dislodge any dust.

Enjoy the wonderful warmth and tactile nature of your new acquired purchase!

Pauline Ehly - Four Winds Creations